Hand exerciser table

This modality exercise is helps to rehabilitate the hands, fingers, and wrist disorders injuries & fractures by using physical methods and devices such as Gripers, Pulleys, Resistive Exercise Bands, Stacking cones, Peg Boards, Power Webs, Hand supinators & Pronators and Weight bars. Hand therapy exercise is used for a variety of applications in rehabilitation centers, sports medicine facilities, hospitals and clinics for such conditions as arthritis, nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and muscles/tendon tears.

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         A Hand Exerciser Table                                           Peg Boards                                      Hand Gym Kit


Power Webs (Resistances arranged from low to high- Red>Green>Blue>Black), Resistive Exercise Therabands (Yellow>Red>Green>Blue), Hand Gripper, Weight Cuffs

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