About us


Head Physiotherapist, Owner, Navjeevan Physiotherapy Clinic, Ajmer (Raj.)

B.P.T. (Bachelors of Physiotherapy) – Shree Balaji Physiotherapy College, Udaipur (Raj.) {Affiliated from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences (RUHS), Jaipur (Raj.)}.

Internship – Sheth Shree Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital (V.S. General Hospital), Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

M.P.T. (Masters in Physiotherapy) – M.P.T. (Orthopedics) from Bhagwant College of Physiotherapy {Affiliated from Bhagwant University, Ajmer (Raj.)}.

Our Goals

Our way of working is based on ideologies and principles of my Grandfather Late Pandit Ravidutt Ji (Vaidhya Ji) Arya, who was well known and appreciated for his spirit to serve peoples. Our goal is to provide correct, accurate, realistic and lasting treatment of ailments with 100% spirit to serve you. Therefore, We can guarantee quality of our treatment because we are genuine experts in managing difficult injuries, with a wealth of clinical and research experience.  We have facilities, knowledge and skills to complete comprehensive biomechanical assessments, assess to highly effective manual therapies, treatment from advanced quality rich electrical modalities and Clinical advices. Put together, this will ensure all patients who attend our clinic an optimal recovery from almost any musculoskeletal ailment, whether acute or chronic, all the patients will  receive the highest quality 1-1 physiotherapy treatment and we offer patient accurate, realistic and lasting solution to their problems. Our mission also includes clinical research as well as patient education for physical excercises. This ultimately means we can do more effective care, saving patient’s time and money.

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